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Bulb Shaped Water Bottle

Glowing Bulb Water Bottle
Rs. 675
Rs. 449

Bulb Water Bottle Cute Brief Fashion Cute Milk Juice Light Bulbs Cup Leak-proof


  • Creative Light Bulb Water Bottle Milk Tea Bottles

  • Brand new hand blown light bulb bottle.

  • It is a water bottle at the same time can also be used as a decorative vase.

  • Add fun and vitality to your life.

  • The bulb bottle with a sealing cap, open the light bulb can insert a straw.

  • Material: Plastic / Imported

  • Size: 100ML:10.8cm*5.5cm*2cm; 200ML:13cm*6.8cm*2.2cm; 300ML:14.5cm*7.8cm*3.2cm; 400ML:15.6cm*9cm*8.5cm; 500ML:17cm*9cm*3.2cm

  • Color: Clear


Quantity/ Package: 1*Bulb Water Bottle (No straws included)

 Pupose: Water Bottle or Decoration

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