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Doctor Costume for Kids

Doctor Costume for Kids with Lab Coat with Free Medical supplies
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With doctors, white coat has been popular for more than a decade. In real doctors have been wearing a variety of dresses, based on their work domain. For instance, surgeons wear a surgical scrub, the popular color being the green or light green. In some hospitals, they go for blue color doctor dresses.

For a very long time, doctors were not wearing any special dresses or clothes. But with the passage of time and recognition of hygiene standards raised the need of some sort of standard clothing for the doctors. In the 19th century, the white lab coat become the standard clothing for the doctors. The attire for doctors all around the world started to use white lab coat. Considering the doctors needs like to hold or carry items with them, the deep pockets in the lab coat was a practical thing that doctors found convenient to use the lab coat. After couple of years, the white lab coat was named as ‘Doctors lab coat’, rather than simply lab coat.

Very new research suggests that the hospitals prohibit their doctors from wearing white lab coats, as the research suggest that white color could potentially carry bacteria and harbor it more than other colored coats.

Need Doctors Costume, we got you covered! We got great quality costume with good fabric and would fit your kids nicely.

Kids Doctor Costume Shop Online in Pakistan

 Size Details: Our size according the height of your children

  • S: suitable for kids with height 95-110cm kids (about 2-4 Year)
  • M: suitable for kids with height 110-120cm kids (about 4-6 Year)
  • L: suitable for kids with height 120-130cm kids (about 7-9 Year)

Material: Cotton / Mix Fabric


Doctor Costume for Children includes 3 Pieces:

  • 1x Doctor Coat
  • 1x Doctor Cap
  • 1x Doctor Toy Set Kit 

Quality: Locally Tailored

Vendor's self-evaluation / review:

  • 5/5 fabric quality
  • Fair balance of quality and price

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