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Minion Costume Romper for Kids

Minion Costume Romper for Boys and Girls. Plush, comfortable. Package: Jumpsuit with hood.
Rs. 1,600
Rs. 899

Minions first appeared in the movie named Despicable Me. A great reason of the movie success was Minions and their unusual nature. Minions, their purpose of life was solely to serve. And Minions kept trying to serve different masters. With the series of failed masters, they had to move on to the next powerful master. Minion started from T-Rex dinosaur to Napoleon, until Minions found Mr. Gru their true master. Before finding Mr. Gru, the Minions were in despair and had no hope. Until one of the minions namely Kevin stood up and with the help of his friends Bob and Stuart, the minions went on adventurous journey to find a new boss. Minions on their way also come across another super-villainess named Scarlet. Stuart, Kevin and Bob were used by the super-villainess for her evil plans. After the Minions appearance in Despicable Me, Minions soon became popular among children. Children loved the minion characters, especially Stuart, Kevin and Bob. Children started to wear the minion costume in school activities, parties, Halloween, New Year and Christmas. Some parents got the costume for kids for them to sleep in. It’s a nice costume to be used as sleep-ware.

The minion cartoon costume at looks adorable, comfortable, and warm, could be used as sleep-ware and most of all kids love it.

Minion Jumpsuit Romper Costume for Boys Girls Kids Children Christmas Costumes Kids Dream Costume Cosplay dress
Gender: Unisex (Eqaully good for both boys and girls)
Material (excellent imported quality): 
  • Plush
  • Soft material
  • Comfortable
  • Can be used as sleep-ware too
1x Jumpsuit & Hood
Size Details:
         Suitable for Height Age Length  Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length
S 110 cm 4-5 Years 95 cm 92 cm 42 cm 43 cm

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